April 30, 2007

Beauty And The Beast

I've seen this shot in the past by another local photographer and it's always stood out in my mind because of the contrasts between the two buildings. There I was a few weeks ago, in the exact spot for this shot, I had to have one that I could call my own. I left one clue in the photo for the other local daily photo bloggers to figure out where I am standing for this shot. I do wish I had taken this photo a little later in the spring when there would be leaves on the trees to add in more color.


Dsole said...

wow! that's an impressive shot!
I like how you named it, very appropiate... is that building going to be removed someday?

Anonymous said...

The fascinating thing, to me, about this picture is that the building to the left looks like a World War II relic or a part of some industrial plot to make a perfectly fine scene look ugly.

Deb said...

the "no wake" sign suggests you're near or on the river....but I don't know St. Paul well enough to pinpoint the location, or for that matter, the direction you're shooting!

Curly said...

It's a fascinating picture Slinger, have you tried converting it to black and white? I think it could work well.

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