Home Of The Minnesota Wild

The Minnesota Wild hockey season has once again started up for the 2014-2015 season. Snapped this photo a couple weeks ago before one of the Wild vs Winnipeg Jets preseason game.

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Shine On

There ain't no love like a love that shines. Shine On.

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Water Works

Believe it or not, this is how we fill our water towers in Cottage Grove.

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Fireman Practice

Every summer I see the firemen practicing, kind of like they are dancing. Tonight was from a top the ladder,  which was a first for me.

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Office Pool Bracket

The guys over at OfficePool64.com have partially updated their office pool bracket contest for the calendar year 2014. From what I see, they still need to add the pairings and change the region locations, but they won't know this information until Selection Sunday on March 16.

Office Pool Bracket

Printable Office Pool Bracket

Men's basketball tournament final four office pool bracket.


Grassy Trashy

Found these grass filled trash cans back in 2006 when this blog was only a couple months old. It's always been a favorite for some reason.


Flour Mill Decay

One from the Hastings Flour Mill. You may have to make the photo bigger to see it, but there are three metal stars in the photo. One on the right and two near the roof line. What is the purpose of these stars?

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