Office Pool Bracket

The guys over at OfficePool64.com have partially updated their office pool bracket contest for the calendar year 2014. From what I see, they still need to add the pairings and change the region locations, but they won't know this information until Selection Sunday on March 16.

Office Pool Bracket

Printable Office Pool Bracket

Men's basketball tournament final four office pool bracket.


Grassy Trashy

Found these grass filled trash cans back in 2006 when this blog was only a couple months old. It's always been a favorite for some reason.


Flour Mill Decay

One from the Hastings Flour Mill. You may have to make the photo bigger to see it, but there are three metal stars in the photo. One on the right and two near the roof line. What is the purpose of these stars?

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Spiral Bridge Mural

A great mural of the old Spiral Bridge in Hastings. I'm not sure of the purpose of the two trolls, or the feathers that appear to come from their backside, but bridge is quite the sight.

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Old Commerce Build

The Commerce Building always stands out to me. It's probably because it's on the edge of downtown St Paul and is quite visible from the street.

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Green Stripe

The crops are planted, the rows are aligned. This strip of green really stood out among the fields.

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This light post is long forgotten and off the grid in the city of St Paul. It was however one of two light poles that anchored the street car tunnel that lead to Summit Avenue, which is also no longer used in the city.

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