June 7, 2007

Do You See One Building Or Two?

My first glance at this photo today, I saw one building with great detail, lines and tan brickwork. Then it looks like there was an addition to that building. It has tan brickwork, square windows shaped around the original building, and them made it blend together in sort of an old versus new mesh. A bit odd in the contrasts between the two, but overall it works together. Now look at the window from the top down, third row on the right. There is a top portion of a window sticking out of the roof. Now I see it, those are two buildings, two separate buildings, not one. hahaha! The build with the square windows is a Qwest building, I'm not sure what the building in the front is. Both are located in downtown St Paul around Rice Park.

My 5 Daily Photo Favorites:
Budapest, Hungary
Wroclaw, Poland
Nelson, New Zealand
Manila, Philippines
Cologne, Germany


Marcin said...

Great photos!!! We're impressed.
I like photos like this-city, streets scenes. That's our first visit and we are going to visit you again and again.
Thank for adding us for your top 5 list. We are proud. But our city call Wroclaw not Rowclaw ;)))

Steve Cuddihy said...

Oops, my silly fingers. Thanks for stopping by.

Anonymous said...

Nice shot. It works for me either as one building or two and nobody would know the difference.

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Janet said...

Very effective. On the portal, it does look like one building.

JaamZIN said...

I think I can see two:)

GMG said...

Nice combination of the two buildings. Your blog is making me curious of Minnesota, maybe I'll get there one summer...

Steve Cuddihy said...

gmg....I'd only recommend the summer to get the full Minnesota experience.