August 24, 2007

For Your Protection

It is advised that you stay behind the yellow line. For the record, I was behind the yellow line when I snapped this photo, despite there being no cars on the track. I will be making a return visit in September, hopefully mother nature will cooperate and allow the race to go on.

I've changed my mind about yesterday being my favorite shot from Elko Speedway. After looking at this capture, this is the shot of the day in my opinion.

My 3 Daily Photo Favorites:
Ithaca, New York - moving away
Riga, Latvia
Joensuu, Finland


Denton said...

My first impression is that most my have ... Thinking that you crossed the yellow line ... Secondly I looked at the wet track and shivered at the thought of racing a car in such conditions ... I'm glad safety came first and the race was called off.

Unknown said...

The train system in Singapore always make the same announcement.

For your own safety, please stand behind the yellow line. It is made in the 4 national languages too!