December 12, 2007

Tour Of The Cottage Grove Police Department

If you stopped by yesterday and saw the photo of the steel bars across the jail cell, here is why I was there. My son's Cub Scout den was there for a tour of the Police Department as one of the activities needed for a badge they were working on. Being as Cottage Grove is a very small city, the size of the police department is very small. They have two holding cells, but that's really all they are for. They hold the criminal until they process them and then they take them to the county jail or to the prison in Stillwater. There is a small lab for DUI and narcotic testing. One of the photos below shows a scale and a breathalyser for intoxication levels. The photo that has all of the bicycles in it, those are stolen bikes that were found and do not have a serial number ID on it. When they collect enough of them, they bring them to the county auction for selling.


Minneapolis, Minnesota - Chris's final post. You will be missed, but not forgotten.

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