February 13, 2008

Frosting Covered Branches

Night time photo of a tree covered with snow, taken in Burnsville, Minnesota. One of the beauties of winter is the collection of snow on things, nature, bicycles, lawn chairs, anything out in the open is fair game for the snow falling. This tree is a very good example. One thing of note, the snow that has collected on the trees had fallen about 36 hours prior to taking this photo. Yeah, you ask? Well, the sun did come out, there was very little wind, to my surprise, there is this much snow still left on the branches. Typically if you don't get outdoors and take your photos shortly after the storm has passed, you've missed your opportunity.

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Anonymous said...

Looks familiar except we had ice. Not so nice.

Jim Klenke said...

Very neat picture. I would love to have a snowfall like that.

isa said...

Love the golden light...Hope you did not fall into the pile ;-)