August 21, 2008

Federal Building, Built In 1902

A photo from the 4th floor of the Landmark Center in downtown St Paul. Continuing on from yesterday's photo. I mentioned congress approved funding for a new Federal Building in 1891. Actually there were 33 Federal Buildings that were approved funding throughout the country. All 33 buildings authorized were designed in the office of the Supervisory Architect of the Treasury Department. Although the Supervisory Architect signed all plans, the designs were actually collaborations among the more than 500 employees in his office; architects, engineers, draftsmen, specification writers, and cost estimators. Architects in private practice caled the office a "plan factory," referring to its practice of cranking out the design piecmeal and only a step ahead of the construction process. Others criticized the office for the standardized appearance and floor plans of the 33 buildings. Judging by the photos I've seen of some of the Federal Buildings, many of you have a building similar to the St Paul building, which is now known as 'Landmark Center'.

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Kate said...

You've posted a number of excellent photos to show the "out-of-towners" the Landmark Center. Wonder if the Republicans will like it, too?!