December 16, 2008

Schmidt Brewery Catwalk

Before Minnesota Brewing Company purchased the Schmidt Brewery, along the catwalk between the castle like tower and the silo's, one could see the word 'SCHMIDT'. The letters were lit up in bright red neon letters. At night, it could be seen for miles, the letter were large, larger the letters L and K from the landmark sign.

I spent a good hour or so looking for an old photo of the Schmidt neon letters but could not find one. Perhaps someone has one in their old photo albums that they could scan and send in to be posted? My email is listed under my About Me page.

The letters would light up, one at a time to spell the brewery's name in the exact same pattern, S C H M I D T, then all lights off, then all lights on, then all lights off, and all lights on once again. Finally the lights would all turn off again, after a brief pause, the letters would once again light up one at a time in sequence. As a child, I could envision this pattern in my head and time it to the exact second when the letters would turn on and off when ever the neon letters would be out of site. Or you could close your eyes, walk the pattern in your head a couple of times and see how close you were to the sequence. Tell me I'm not the only one who did this when you were young? Someone else has to have done this silly game too....right? Hahaha!


Norbert said...

Great photos, I picked up a truck load of water here once a long time ago.

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Jane Hards Photography said...

It really is a very eye catching landmark

laurie said...

i'm loving these old pictures of the brewery.

the one in ne minneapolis looks even more castle-like.