April 3, 2013

On The Move

It's being reported that the Cottage View Drive-In sign, a local icon of the city of Cottage Grove, will be saved and moved to Hastings.

"The iconic Cottage View Drive-In marquee that has welcomed outdoor cinema-goers for nearly five decades will soon be en route to the Little Log House Pioneer Village in Hastings.

A late Monday afternoon deal was made between the city of Cottage Grove, drive-in owner Gerry Herringer, and local preservationist Steve Bauer, sealing the fate of the now-closed outdoor theater."

Little Log House Pioneer Village, which is the home of many lost treasures of the Twin Cities, opens it's land to the public one weekend per year to it's visitors.
Emily Buss. (2013, April 01). Cottage View Drive-In sign, screen headed to Hastings. South Washington County Bulletin. Retrieved from http://www.swcbulletin.com/event/article/id/22506/

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RedPat said...

That is one fabulous sign - glad it is being saved!