June 8, 2006

Duck Duck Grey Duck

My seven year old son walked into the room I was in and says to me, "Dad, there is a duck in our yard". I thought he was kidding around, but I went to look and wouldn't you know it, there was a duck in our front yard. Very strange place for a duck to be in my yard considering the closest body of water is not all that close. My thought is this female mallard perhaps was looking for a place to lay her eggs. Not sure, but I was able to get this photo through my screen door before it walked away.


Monique said...

Seeing this title made me laugh as only Minnesota calls Duck-Duck-GOOSE 'Duck-Duck-GREY Duck.'

At least your way, kids learn their colors.

Steve Cuddihy said...

Ya know, I heard that duck duck goose game played in another state and I was confused why they were saying different words than what I learned as a child.

My new quest is to find the answer to why Minnesota teaches that game differently from everyone else.