June 12, 2006

Warped Sense Of Vision

Was sitting at the light in downtown Minneapolis and saw the warped windows on this building and laughed at the funny images being reflected. These have got to be the worst mirrored windows I have ever seen on a building. Some of the windows are not too bad, on the other hand, there are some windows that look like your watching a movie with nifty CGI liquid windows effect. Look at the building that is under construction and the size of the rooms. Not one of the black squares is even close to the same shape or size. It does however make for a crazy looking daily photo.


nebel said...

Nice! I was trying to find you in the reflection, but I guess you are hidden away somewhere... ;)

Steve Cuddihy said...

I am there in the blue vehicle. My vehicle looks like a convertable, but there are windows and a hard top that is completely distorted from sight.