July 3, 2006

Fisherman's Delight

My daughter said to me, "daddy the clouds are pink", which is her favorite color. I turned around as I had my back to what she was looking at and sure enough, there was a decent looking sunset. That's all there was in the sky for clouds, the rest was clear as could be. We were not exactly in an area to see the sun set as there were too many trees in the way, but this shot turned out quite nice for what was available at my location.


Unknown said...

Wow, beautiful sunset!

Kate said...

The silhouettes of the trees, the sky, and the clouds all work well together. PS. I like your new profile photo!

Steve Cuddihy said...

Thanks Kate. We were trying out our new digital camera when we took the profile photo. The LCD screen flips around so we could see if we were centered correctly in the photo. Too bad we were in our room instead of having a decent background of Jamaica where we spent a week this past February. Can't wait to get back there again.