July 11, 2006

Line Up By Height

There is a bit of controversy over which building is the tallest in Minnesota. The two contenders are the IDS Center and the Wells Fargo Center. Up until 1992 when the Wells Fargo Center opened in downtown Minneapolis, the IDS Center was the tallest building in Minnesota. In 2005 however, it was decided that a 16 foot wash room garage on the top of the building was added to the buildings height, topping it once again as the tallest building by a foot or two. My guess is, this controversy will change status a few years from now when the Wells Fargo Center adds an 18 foot wash room garage to the top of their building.

The lower left corner building is the IDS Center, the building with a partial halo is the Wells Fargo Center.

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Paul said...

Of course, any American TV fan old enough to recall the "Mary Tyler Moore Show" from the 1970s knows that the scene where she tosses her hat into the air is shot directly in front of IDS Center. The revolving glass doors that lead from the street into the atrium are directly behind her.