Ice Palace 2004 Series - pic 6

Another photo from my Ice Palace series. Frontal view of the of the main tower. This Ice Palace was built for the St Paul Winter Carnival in January 2004. Each block of ice is about the size of a bath tub.


At 10/08/2006 4:17 AM, Blogger Michael said...

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At 10/08/2006 9:21 PM, Blogger Annie said...

I've only seen the ice palace in photos - but I would love to visit during carnival time. It just looks miraculous. Just beautiful.

At 10/08/2006 10:57 PM, Blogger John said...

What an amazing undertaken that would have been. Nice one.

At 10/08/2006 11:46 PM, Blogger slinger said...

Sub zero temps are not fun to deal with as it was the night of this photo set. But photos like this can only be found in certain parts of the world....


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