October 23, 2006

Still In Use And Looking Good

Today's photo is from downtown Hastings. These beautiful buildings are on the north side of the road. Look at the dates on the buildings. They read over 100 years old. It just makes me wonder what these buildings have been used for over the years. I love the fact that they have painted these buildings and made all of the details stand out on the faces of them. The Finch building, note the top triangle with the glass and spoon design on it. This was perhaps a pharmacy building when it was originally built? Hastings is the type of town that has a lot of history involved with it.


Kate said...

Hey, I'm going back! The buildings have been spruced up since I've been there. Nice photo, Slinger!!

Olivier said...

cette rue (avec ces immeubles) est superbe, c'est l'image typique que l'on a en france, d'une rue du far-west

this street (with these buildings) is superb, it is the typical image which one has in France, of a street of the far-west

Marie McC said...

How charming! And so nicely painted. I hate it when they just slather on a coat of white or gray paint over one of these beauties.