November 13, 2006

Good Grief Charlie Brown

I saw this from a distance from where I was standing and thought it would make a great photo. It's a Snoopy and Woodstock statue that is proudly displayed in the front entrance of a small, I believe it looked it a small apartment building. What a great and fun entrance to your home. The Snoopy and Woodstock statue was from a few years ago when the city of St Paul for three years in a row had various panted statues of the Peanuts gang on display in various parts of the city. When the city was finished with having them on display, one could then purchase the statues for your personal enjoyment of display them at your business for your customers enjoyment.


Lisi said...

there must be a big fan of snoopy in that apartment building...very nice catch!

Olivier said...

comme lisi, je suis fan de snoopy (pour moi le philisophe des annees 1980). superbe cette niche.

like lisi, I am fan of snoopy (for me the philisophe of the years 1980). superb this niche.