November 22, 2006

Oh Look, A Bird....Or Two

A photo submitted from my dad from early fall. Not sure how many black birds are hidden from view due to the railing, but how many you can see in the photo was quite a large number. There is a bird feeder there in the middle of the garden, but what brought that large number of birds there at once?


Olivier said...

discussion intime entre deux amis.

discussion intimates between two friends.

delightful-d said...

I too posted about all the black birds in our backyard. We had thousands of them. They only come around in the Fall (in the huge flocks) and stay for a few days. Interesting to see and HEAR so many. I've got a shot on my blog of a large flock in our trees.

By the way, nice backyard shot :)

Annie said...

Here is my wish for a wonderful Thanksgiving Day, Slinger.