December 14, 2006

How High Is The Water Johnny?

I really like this photo. It has a barge tied to some posts, but the water level is about normal for this time of the year. The gauge is to show how high the water is during the flood season, if there is one during the spring or very large downpour. There is just a lot of structure in this area. The area we are looking at is the Mississippi River and across from the Harriot Island area in St Paul where I've posted a number of photos the past couple of months.


Annie said...

Have you ever seen the barge at the same level as the pier? I think that's what would happen if the water rose, am I right?

Steve Cuddihy said...

I've seen the water spill over higher than the peer in the past, but I do believe if the water gets that high, they remove all the barges just incase one gets away. You never know what can happen if there is a run away barge.