Is It Really Small Or Very Large

Looking at the photo, it's quite difficult to determine the size of this Christmas ornament. I could be standing very close, yet is possible for the bulb to be that large in size? I wont keep you in suspense, the ornament is about ten feet tall and is hanging in one of the corners of the Mall Of America. You can see the skylight in the top portion of the bulbs reflection.


At 12/27/2006 3:02 AM, Blogger delightful-d said...

After reading a blog from someone who recently visited NY, they too posted a photo of a very similar ornament that had been placed outside on a busy NY street corner. Interesting! Great photo!

At 12/27/2006 6:57 AM, Blogger tr3nta said...

wishes of happy new year from Madrid...

At 12/27/2006 7:09 AM, Blogger Kate said...

Unusual, Slinger. Still boycotting MOA, though!

At 12/27/2006 12:12 PM, Blogger Olivier said...

impressionnant, j'aimerai bien voir le sapin de noel qui va avec ;o)

impressing, I will like to see the Christmas tree who goes with ;o)


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