June 24, 2007

The Streets Of Cottage Grove

I awoke this morning, looked out my windows....not my bedroom window mind you as that looks out into my driveway....and I saw a sign, hammered into the ground. Obviously I had to investigate at this new lawn ornament. The sign read that there was no parking due to a temporary police order. Confusion set in at this point. Why confusion you're asking? The sign is right next to a fire hydrant. There is no parking in front of a fire hydrant already enforced because of a city law. Does this mean when the sign is gone, I can now safely park my vehicle in front of the fire hydrant? I think not. I found humor in this sign and it's placement location and had to point this out to you all. In reality, there were several signs placed along my street as the city will be soon repaving the street with a layer of spray tar and rock. Someone wasn't thinking when they placed the sign in my lawn.

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Anonymous said...

I suppose your could deduce from this that not all police are sober at all times.

I am guessing, though, that it is going to be there until the lines are flushed out. If that is the case, then they need to warn people not to do laundry until all the rust in the water is gone. That is one of the problems with hydrant flushing.

Here, our city has special packets they give out to homeowners who didn't know the hydrants were being flushed and did the laundry and it is rusty red.

Abraham Lincoln
Wishing you the best of both worlds

JaamZIN said...

the grass is soo thick and healthy there..well treated place:)

Felicia said...

I'm glad you pointed it out...because I would have parked right there! Lucky (?) for you, in case of fire your firefighters won't have to go very far to find water.

iBlowfish said...

That is a really weird for me to see fire hydrant in the somebody front yard. I guess every city has its own policy. Nice composition.

Steve Cuddihy said...

The fire hydrant is actually on the border between mine and my neighbor's yard.

Hydrants are very common through out the Twin Cities and Minnesota for that matter. There is typically one on every block. In case there is a fire, water is at the fireman's disposal in a very easy manner.