August 27, 2007

It's Still There

If you've ever driven on Robert Street in West St Paul, you've most likely passed JT's Hamburgers. Now if you blinked when you passed, I can understand if you missed it. The place is very small, but they have been here ever since I can remember. I grew up fairly close to this area, but drove and biked on this road often. Just the other day I took a drive down Robert Street and couldn't believe my eyes. EVERYTHING has changed, except for JT's hamburgers. Now I'm sure there are a couple of places that were still in business from ten years ago, but I cannot remember them from my childhood. If the business is still in place from my childhood, it's been torn down and rebuilt with a brand new building. It's quite a turn over in businesses and buildings. Now this may sound odd, as long as JT's Hamburgers has been in business, I have never eaten there. Somebody is keeping this place in business and perhaps I should stop in there help the cause.

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Carol E. said...

You're right. I have driven past there a thousand times and never stopped in. There must be a loyal following who love their burgers. Maybe one day soon I'll give it a try.

Ming the Merciless said...

That is interesting. I guess you have a mission now. Go there and try the burger and give us a report. :-)

Steve Cuddihy said...

A mission it is. I will stop there soon.

Since I've started this daily photo blog, I've tried to see things I normally would overlook in my daily routine. I've really taken a like to my local surroundings and it's history. I've always enjoyed this in the past, but I've been busy and put that part of my life aside. My photo blog has awoken that side of me.