March 24, 2008

Pinewood Derby Cars

Pinewood derby cars A closeup of all of the 2008 Pinewood Derby cars entered by the Cub Scouts, Tiger Scouts and the 'open division' for family members. We entered two cars this year and both faired very well. My son's car placed second in the Cub Division, while my car, I mean the car I entered under my daughters name also placed second on the Open Division.

Pinewood derby winners Pinewood derby finish line. Pinewood derby starting line.

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Anonymous said...

Do the children actually make these cars?

I hope you have a really nice week.

Abraham Lincoln in Brookville, Ohio.

Steve Cuddihy said...

With the help from Dad or Mom usually.

My son designed the car, helped cut it and sand it. Picked the paint color for his car. Whatever I could do to get him involved, he helped with.

Just Roaming The Cities said...

I remember these cars! My oldest made one when he was little, but I must say I'm impressed with the design on all these that are pictured!

Rob said...

Very creative, those are some fine looking vehicles. Takes me back to my scouting days.