March 15, 2008

"X" Marks The Spot

I've been sitting on this photo since this past Christmas time. I had taken it one evening while I was doing some shopping and while I was listening to Classic Brass Inc perform a concert at the Mall Of America. I had taken this photo of the ceiling which I believe was the area they had performed in. Since I've started this city photo blog, I've been looking and taking different photos that I would normally never take. Ceilings have been a new interest of mine as they are unique from building to building.

With that said, there is a new city blog in the Twin Cities here, "Just Roaming The Twin Cities" is the name of it. On the sidebar they had a guessing game named, 'can you guess where this roof is'? Wouldn't you know it, today's photo was the exact same roof they had for me to guess. I knew it the instant I saw it on the site. I just found it funny I had taken a photo of it a few months prior to this week.

There is a new photo of a different ceiling on the Just Roaming The Twin Cities site. I've made my guess of the Como Park Conservatory. I don't have a photo to post to compare it, but to the best of what I can recall, I am correct, though I have not been there in ten plus years. We shall see in the coming days.

My Daily Photo Favorites: returning soon....I promise

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Just Roaming The Cities said...

You are too funny! The second roof is surely the conservatory. I appreciate you highlighting my blog. I'm new at it, but it sure is fun sharing photos with other Twin Citians! I was downtown today and took several roof shots. Lets see if you can guess those!!
(I knew when the photo was about 10% loaded what your picture for today was. Good job.)