May 2, 2008

No Sticks Allowed

Happy Birthday Dad!

I've been having this tug-of-war in my mind with this sign in my neighborhood. As the sign reads, it's very self explanatory. Hockey sticks are not allowed on the general hockey rink. It appears to be an easy rule to follow. You can see the hockey rink in the background clearly marked with a 'red line' and two 'blue lines' on the boards around the rink. Now the problem I have with this sign and it's rule....if you walk around the park, looking in every direction, you could even get on satellite map site and view the park from the air. The rink that you see in the background is the ONLY rink in this park. You see, there is no general rink that one could ice skate on. The rink is clearly set up as a hockey rink, yet this sign says you're not allowed to bring hockey sticks onto it, if it was indeed the general rink. Perhaps I need to alert my city council about this confusing matter.

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1 comment:

Just Roaming The Cities said...

Thats the dumbest sign I've ever heard of! Go kick some sense into these government people!