May 24, 2008

Prepare For Digital Television

television antennas from a local TV studio, are you prepared for the digital television change? February 17, 2009....That is the last day to receive over the air, analog television signals in the United States. The morning of February 18, you should receive 'snow' on your screen without a convert box. While some television providers will continue to broadcast analog signals, the majority are no longer allowed too to make way for future innovative services. If you have cable, satellite or have digital television, a converter box is not necessary. As of now, you have less than 9 months, or 269 days before the switch....

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Steve Buser said...

I can't wait. We have a high def set but their isn't a lot of high def stuff to watch just yet.

Jim Klenke said...

I wonder how much the auctions will bring? I work for a company thats in a dying telecommunictions industry....Beep Beep.