June 2, 2008

Now That's What I Call Green

This photo is my version of going green. Normally shooting photos directly in the direction of the sun is not a good thing. For this shot however, not sure why or how it happened, but the green is extremely brilliant in this photo. Perhaps the sun is reflecting off of the leafy greens, I just don't know. The location for this shot I will be returning to at night. I can envision some great nighttime photos from this higher vantage point. For those of you familiar with St Paul, this intersection is Highway 61 from left to right in the photo. The street making an upside down 'T' would be the beginning of Sheppard Road as you head into downtown from the East Side of St Paul.


Rob said...

Bright green, it hurts my eyes its so bright.

Just Roaming The Cities said...

Wow, that is seriously florescent! We've waited so long for it!