November 19, 2008

Unknown Lake Shot

As the sun recently had set for the young evening, I looked out my balcony window from my hotel room in Seattle, the water was calm, there was a sprinkle of rain of course. It looked right for a photo opportunity. What doesn't show in this photo, out of frame to the left is the airport, it's right there, noisy as an airport can be, yet, these few homes share valuable waterfront property. Anyone who lives on a lake can tell you they pay a heck of a lot more in property taxes than the regular homestead. I'm just curious, with the airport being in plain sight, are the property taxes still high on this body of water?


Hilda said...

Makes me wonder too, now that you've mentioned it.

Very pretty, especially with the silhouette of the plants in the foreground.

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Rob said...

Ah, you have to ask about high taxes?! ;)