March 9, 2009

Graffiti Day

I do wish there was a bit of explanation to some of the graffiti I see. I can make out the letters, not sure what they mean exactly, but the heart with an 'F'? in it, the circle with a star and "II" what do those mean or are they just a bit of doodling by the spray paint vandal?


Anonymous said...

I'm assuming that the F stands for the name of the girl whom "Herp" likes. Whether he has a crush on her or is actually going out with her, we will never know. Her name is probably Fiona or something.

Odds are that there is another artist who was already writing "Herp," so this Herp had to call himself Herp II (because he is the second Herp)

The circle with the star is just a little doodle that Herp decided to draw. This symbol has many different meanings, but is often misunderstood to be satanic and a representation of the devil. Herp probably felt badass drawing it.

Steve Cuddihy said...

Very interesting, thank you again.

As far as I know, I would tag as 'slinger one'

Anonymous said...

Exactly! You're getting the hang of it!
I actually don't tag, I just love the art of graffiti.
I was actually looking for a specific piece of graffiti in my town, but Google Images brought me to a piece of graffiti from your blog your blog, so I figured I'd check it out. Good work, nice blog!