December 1, 2009

Theme Day: Waiting

Greetings fellow CityDailyPhoto bloggers and returning guests as you make your way through December's 'Waiting' theme day photos. A unique theme day and quite unusual from our standard take a photo of your favorite 'fill in the blank'. The theme today requires the photo to resemble an action, to tell a story, if you will.

I'm using a contribution photo today from swc as my theme day photo selection. Seeing just the apples hanging there in the bare tree, just out of reach. Gravity will get the best of these apples, but how long will they stay up there?

To see additional theme day photos around the world, stop by the portal page for a convenient thumbnail view of all participants. As the time zone changes each hour, more photos will be added.


Jilly said...

Oh nice, waiting to fall... I thought for a moment these were kakis (persimmon) who persist in the trees when it has no leaves. Never seen apples do this.

Julie said...

now this is a nice take on theme day. apples waiting to fall. great capture.

Kate said...

What is swc? Gravity will eventually win the WAITING game, don't you think?

Steve Cuddihy said...

Gravity will win indeed.

swc is my fathers initials. Thanks dad for the photos!