December 13, 2009

Published Photo For Twin Cities Daily Photo

One of my co-workers, Todd Swank, aka ShortArmGuy, brought in a newspaper from the Glendale Cherry Creek Chronicle in Colorado. A friend of his had seen a photo of him in their newspaper, so he sent him a copy of it. Todd had no idea what photo it was, since he hadn't submitted anything to them before, nor heard of the newspaper. When he got a copy of it and looked at the articles, it turned out to be two photos that I had posted here on Twin Cities Daily Photo back in September of 2007. There was three of us posing after our Fantasy Football draft. Todd brought the newspaper in to show me, since it was one of my photos of him and myself posed in the photo. That's me in the red shirt, Todd is on the right, with another co-worker, Nick, in the center. The second page of the article has the other photo of mine, it's the one of several people gather around a bar during the nights draft.

This particular photo has gotten quite a lot of traction in the search engines for the past couple of years. It's currently number 7 in the Google Image search using the search term Fantasy Football. There is also photos of girls in bikini's if you don't want to see that, don't click the link. Being number 7 on the phrase Fantasy Football is really huge in the world of search engines. I'm sure it lead to my photo being published in the Glendale Cherry Creek Chronicle.



Peter McCallum said...

Congratulations, you've officially made it!

Steve Cuddihy said...

You want an autographed copy Peter?