March 23, 2010

Census 2010

Macro shot of the US Census 2010 letterhead. Just received my official United States Census 2010 form at the end of last week. Thankfully, I recieved a letter the previous week from the Census Bureau. When I opened the letter, it read that I was going to receive a letter from the Census Bureau. Interesting....they sent a letter to inform me that I'm going to receive a letter. So I need to send them a letter to inform them that I'm going to mail their form back to them?


Mirela said...

LOL! I'm surprised. If anything, while in the US, I realized how efficient and minimalistic your bureaucracy is (compared to the e.g. European)... Is Obama trying to achieve EU levels of bureaucracy? I hope not... Just because we're doing it longer than you, it doesn't mean we've mastered it. :-/

Stealing Sucks said...

A letter to tell you about your letter.. very interesting. I didn't get a pre-letter, but I did get my Census last week. It was my first time doing one and I found it to be kind of entertaining. I couldn't help but think about how they could at least have an online option, perhaps it would save money.

It'll be interesting to see how it evolves over time.

Rob said...

Yep, we too received the 2010 Census pre-letter informing us that we should expect our 2010 Census in the next week. We then received our 2010 Census.

Now we received the post 2010 Census letter from the government. Three mailings for the 2010 Census thus far. I'm sure to expect a 4th thank you 2010 Census letter.

A model of efficiency and thrift.

Steve Cuddihy said...

I can't wait for this efficiency to run health insurance.