April 23, 2010

Overloaded Pallets

On my way to work the other day, midway through Newport and pull in behind the truck you see in the photo. It was driving a bit slower than the traffic was moving, but I was just about at my ramp to go from Highway 61 to Highway 494, so I slowed down and followed along behind the truck. I noticed the high stack of pallets, how could you miss them? Started looking it over a bit closer, there was straps keeping them in place and they were still attached, I was safe.

So we finally make it to the ramp, which takes a very long, long curve before connecting with 494. Let me tell you, what I saw next scared the bejesus out of me. Picture this stack of pallets, truck driving around a curve, now picture two of the wheels nearly leaving the ground! I swear the truck was going to tip over. There was three or four times, during the curve, the tipping of the truck, the lean of the pallets, I was nervous as one could be. The photo doesn't do it justice unfortunately. The truck did make it around the ramp and onto 494 and a straight path. That was when I decided I needed to take a photo for the blog.

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Rob said...

I'm surprised the highway patrol didn't tag them.