Turned To Stone

A little more from the Robert Street Bridge. Most of the piers on the bridge, near the top, there is a decorative emblem of some sort or another. They are not all faces like this one shows, I guess I haven't really gotten close enough to take a good photo of the detail before. I do know some of the piers have emblems, as I barely captured one in a photo I took back in 2006 which can be seen here. What do all these symbols represent, my very brief search found nothing.

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At 4/21/2010 6:48 AM, Blogger Kate said...

Yes, I, too, would like to know about these faces.

At 5/08/2010 7:40 PM, Blogger DI said...

Given the attire of the individual and the name of the bridge, I would guess it was Louis Robert, for whom the street is named.


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