January 30, 2011

Winter Carnival Ice Carvings

Last time I took photos of the ice carvings from the Saint Paul Winter Carnival the temperatures had risen above freezing temperatures. Thankfully today, the weather has been normal and the ice carvings are still intact. Back in 2008, a day after the carnival started, the temps had gotten so high, the sculptures were partly melted and made for strange looking photos, a sample from my 2008 melted set can be seen here. 2011 is the 125th year of the Winter Carnival and the celebration has just begun.



Gunn said...

Wow, that is soooooo prety!!
Thanks for sharing.

Greetings from Gunn

Kate said...

Hey, Great job of the crowds! Come see mine today, as well as Molly's yesterday!!

We should have a MN blogger get-together again!

Kate said...

Slinger, I just amended my post to give you a "shout out!"

Anonymous said...

Nice looking ice carvings.

Steve Cuddihy said...

There was so many people at Rice Park on Saturday. One really had to wait to get a clear shot of the ice sculptures.