February 4, 2011

Saint Paul Bouncing Team

A crowd favorite of the Winter Carnival Parade is the Saint Paul Bouncing team, where a girl is throw high into the air from a blanket. I must say, it is quite fun to watch.

"In the beginning, there were many squads of bouncers and flyers that would travel the parade routes and entertain the crowds every January. In the 1930s, the St. Paul Athletic Club began to sponsor its own team, and in 1937, Lucille Leopold became the first St. Paul Athletic Club "Bouncing Girl."

Since then, hundreds of intrepid women have flown with us, wearing the title of Bouncing Girl. When the Athletic Club closed its doors in the early 1990s, the core of that team reinvented itself and became the nonprofit organization it is today, supported by its members and making roughly 12 appearances each year."

SOURCE: stpaulbouncingteam.org


Kate said...

A great performance, and the people in the skyway have the right idea for viewing pleasure.

Chattahoochee Valley Daily said...

Interesting back story. I guess being the bouncer/bouncee helps keep you warm.