May 23, 2006

Ice Palace 2004 Series

I have a few photos of the Ice Palace that was built downtown in 2004 for the Saint Paul Winter Carnival across from the Xcel Energy Center. I have a some daytime photos during the construction phase and some evening shots once it was completed that I will be posting from time to time.

With the blue sky and sun shining, it looks like it's nice and warm. Well far from it. When we were taking pictures it had warmed up to 2 degrees fahrenheit. For those who are not from an area where it snows and the temps drop below zero, you betcha that's darn cold. All construction photos are courtesy of Travis T.

This photo I believe is from the back side of the main palace, with one of two large circle areas on the left with the sun shining through the ice blocks. Each ice block is about the size of a bathtub

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