June 30, 2006

Those Twins Are Hot

Despite the very poor start of the baseball season, my favorite baseball team the Minnesota Twins have gotten back into the swing of playing ball and are on a roll. Yet so are the Detroit Tigers and the Chicago White Sox. Being 11 games out of first, it's tough to get excited to watch them, but they have just had an outstanding month of June, yet so have the Tigers and White Sox. This photo is from the Seattle game played earlier in June or the very last week of May. The Twins are on the field and Johan Santana is the pitcher on the mound.


Edwin Sumun said...

Hello there! This is my first visit. With so many DP sites, it's hard to keep track.

Go Twins!

Kuala Lumpur Daily Photo
Drop by sometime.
Till then, have a great weekend.

Steve Cuddihy said...

My baby waves her homer hankie....I know there was a song about the homer hankie, but I can only recall the chorus. I too still have mine.

Now this is freaky. I recall going to a game at Met Stadium, outdoors when I was very young for a school field trip. Plus my dad took me a to a couple of games and I only remember sitting in the outfield as a child.

I also skipped school to go to the World Series parade in 1987.

I'd bet we are close in age considering the time frame of those two events.

One thing that is neat, I went with my two children at the end of the school year as the school went to the Metrodome for a class trip. So they are keeping that baseball field trip alive in Minnesota. My two kids ended kindergarden and 1st grade and will have vauge memories of the Twins playing in the dome as the new outdoor stadium opens in 2010!

Steve Cuddihy said...

I am 34, graduated from Humboldt, back then it was the Humboldt Indians, now the Humboldt Hawks. sigh....

I know it was the Sibley Warriors, so I googled the school to see what their new mascot was, to my surprise, they are still the Warriors! Midieval Knights mascot, very clever I must admit.


Amy and Becky were one grade younger than me. I know them, but not very well. Our last names were at the opposite end of the alphabet, so the alphabetical seating, we never really had much of a chance to chat.