November 8, 2006

Much Need Clean

Here we have a farm out in Woodbury, which is just north of Cottage Grove. It's actually an active farm as you can tell the crops had been recently cut like yesterday's photo. However, they need a major overhaul to get the place in top shape. I'm not sure if this part of the farm is in use, but there were other areas that were well kept. I just liked this shot for the character it has.


Kate said...

Ah, nostalgia! I think a thread on farms would be fun, but that's unlikely in St. Paul!

Olivier said...

comme Kate, nostalgie, nostalgie, j'aime bien ces vieilles fermes. belle photo qui amene un moment de melancolie

like Kate, nostalgia, nostalgia, I like these old farms. beautiful photograph which brings one moment of melancholy

Steve Cuddihy said...

How true, how true. I believe the only farm type of land is at the State Fair Grounds, but that would not have any farm houses like the one in today's photo. Yet, drive 10-15 minutes outside of St Paul and you'll see farm land to satisfy your eyes.