The Nation Which Forgets Its Defenders Will Itself Be Forgotten

In case you cannot quite read what it reads around the circle surrounding the eagles bust, it is today's title. I found this mural in West St Paul, just off of Robert Street and Annapolis. It doesn't look quite complete at the moment as I see traces of things to be painted. What stuck me odd and I just had to turn around and get a photo of the mural was this is on the side of someone's garage. You can see their home beyond the garage. Quite a statement to have painted on your garage for all to see.


None YourBusiness said...

I agree. As long as the government is truly "defending" and not "attacking" (and attacking the wrong people I might add).

Kate said...

Is this near the National Guard armory on Robert Street? It's quite graphic and vibrant, isn't it?

None YourBusiness said...

I thought of another of our defenders after my post. France. You probably are aware, but I'm surprised at how many don't know.