November 20, 2006

Red Roof Of Knowledge

The building with the red roof was my intention for this photo. That building is the St Paul Public Library. I have not been in there in quite some time now, I was a child last time and I went there with my mom several times. I recall all the stone walls and stairwells and the size of the library was amazing. I'll have to make a trip in there one of these years and bring my kids.


Olivier said...

vous avez de la chance d'avoir une aussi belle et grande librairie.
Belle vue.

you have chance to have also beautiful and large bookshop. Beautiful sight.

Kate said...

Slinger, take your children there, and your own body. The children's section is delightful and the recent renovation included a cafe, too. You'll enjoy it!

Carol E. said...

Nice photo from a perspective where one doesn't usually see it.

Meg said...

the stairs is all I remember, too.