December 3, 2007

Behind The Scenes

I took this photo from my seats at the last Minnesota Wild hockey game. Our opponent for the evening was the Vancouver Canucks. It's my favorite rivalry to watch and every game is a close one. The FSN North sports network has been broadcasting their shows directly behind my seats for the Wild games. It's kind of fun to watch and when the announcers are waiting for the period or the game to end, they like to stand behind my seats to watch the game. I've chatted with them a few times and they all like to kid around and seam eager to talk with you. The announcer you see behind the desk is Anthony LaPanta.

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Great shot from the world of TV! Not so glamorous behind the scenes is it?!!

Denton said...

Have you every heard a comment or joke you made repeated on air? You may be in a unique position to influence the broadcast.