July 31, 2008

Twin Cities Garden Tour Wrap Up

wide photo of my flower garden You see, in my yard, next to the driveway is this triangular shaped patch of dirt. We've tried growing grass, we've had a vegetable garden here. Each has done okay, but this odd shaped patch of our yard was really useless. Mowing the grass with a lawn mower in this area was awkward, the vegetable garden didn't have enough room to grow. So now we've come to flowers for this patch of land. Ahhh, this works great for this tiny area. We've transplanted a couple things in the spring, but need to fill in the bare spots yet. If you walk around to the back yard, I built about a 25 foot flower box that wraps around the back porch. You can see a bit of it in the smaller photos below with the white lattice fence.


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