January 5, 2009

Ma Ma's Pizza

Ma Ma's Pizza on Rice Street and Front Street in St Paul I recall the side of this building being white with a painting of the Italian gondola painted on the wall. Instead, today I see the brick a dark red with a metal cutout of a gondola painted in black with gold trim. The place looks like it's had a recent face lift, but the Ma Ma's Pizza sign still looks like the original sign that I can remember. Is the food good at Ma Ma's Pizza on Rice Street in St Paul? I have no memories of eating there, but as close as it was to my grandma's house, I had to have eaten food from there at least once as a young boy.

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laurie said...

is that on the corner of front and rice? i have a friend who swears it's the best pizza in the twin cities. and the pioneer press did a story on it recently, about what a loyal and wonderful clientele they have.

so give it a try. i should, too...