January 18, 2009

Behind The Scenes Of Hockey Day Minnesota

Just a few photos of the fans, the announcers, and the view from the camera men. When the Minnesota Wild hockey games are broadcast on FS North, the TV station will host their game coverage from the Xcel Energy Center. I always love watching the people behind the announcers. The things that some of them do are priceless. I tried to get the guy leaning over making faces behind the announcers from a better angle than I was able to get. He was going on and on for three to four minutes with his creativeness. These photos were taken on Hockey Day Minnesota 2009 at the end of the Wild vs Anaheim Ducks. The game was near the end of a full day of hockey programming, including a segment from the solders in Iraq from Duluth and St Paul divisions in a game of floor hockey. That was a great idea to include those from Minnesota in such an unusual place to host a hockey game.


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Just Roaming The Cities said...

Love the picture of the excited guy with his arms out!!