January 4, 2009

Skateville Roller Rink

I'm coming close to three years this coming march of posting photos to the Twin Cities Daily Photo and the biggest problem I've run into is looking through my stock of photos that I have taken. There always pops a question into my mind....have I posted this photo before or not? This is one of those photos that I swear I've posted before, but I cannot find a trace of it in the past few months of archives. It's really a strange problem to have. However, if I have not posted a photo about Skateville Family Rollerskating Center in Burnsville this will be a new location I've taken a photo of. It was in the fall of 2008 as there is grass, but now snow yet to fall and it was before I took my Seattle trip.


Erin Lamberty said...

Wow, I die looking at this. Used to go here every year during elementary school for a field trip. Very educational. We also used to call it Scumville, doesn't look like much has changed, or has it?!

Norbert said...

One year I did the Portraits for the championship roller skaters,at Cheap Skate in Minnetonka/Hopkins gol that was fun, One of the first portraits I remember was a young girl and I was nervous, I held the strobe button wrong and it kept flashing, with a photo for each flash, after about the third flash the girl had her hands up covering her eye's and you could see in each photo the look of panic in her eye's. The rest of the shoot went pretty good.