September 6, 2007

Fantasy Football Season 2007

It is that season once again, Thursday, September 6 kicks off the new NFL season and the Fantasy Football craze begins. These photos were captured at the football draft that I host with a few of my friends about a week ago. There are 12 of us in the league and everyone one of holds on to the hope of winning it all at seasons end. I am in this photo, I'm the one with the red shirt, Nick is in the middle and fellow blogger, Short Arm Guy is on the right. The smaller photos below has everyone else in the league except for myself and our auctioneer, he's just out of frame unfortunately.

More than 13 million people play fantasy football via the internet, yeah, 13 million people. That just boggles my mind. I heard the best online video game only has about 8 million people, that game is World Of Warcraft.


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Rob said...

Fun, good luck! And tonight is the start of the season. Woohoo! I'm not in a fantasy football league, but I am involved in weekly picks. Fantasy baseball was a disaster for me this year.