May 13, 2010

The Plow

Found this....some sort of plow. My first thought was it was farm equipment, but the more I look at it, I don't know for sure. None the less, it is located near Concord Street in Inver Grove Heights, one block south of Highway 494, take a left and you've made it.


Hilda said...

I have no idea what is is either, but it sure looks interesting.

I sure hope the information in the forum is right: Happy birthday, Steve! Hope you have a great day!

Steve Cuddihy said...

Thank you Hilda, it is my birthday!

Mirela said...

It seems like a weird DIY plow, but it could also be a sleigh :)

DI said...

Given that it's sitting in front of the City of South St. Paul Municipal Service Center (the sign is partial visible in the photo), I suspect that it's a Stockland Road Grader that SSP used for road maintenance.

From the operator's seat, you can see two six-inch diameter round ends on the left and right sides that are stamped with:

Stockland Road Machinery Co.
Minneapolis, Minn.
Pat. Jan. 5, 1915