December 14, 2011

The Griswold's Moved To Hastings

Little did you know that the Griswold's moved from Hollywood, to Hastings. Yes the Griswold family from the hit movie "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" have setup their Christmas light in full bloom. I've never seen so many lights on one single house before. I drove around the block, and yes, there are even lights on the backside of the home, just like the rest of the house, but I couldn't get a clear shot of it. The only place that doesn't have lights is the roof!

For the locals, you'll find this home on 3rd Street, about three four blocks from Highway 61.

I must give credit to JF and her friend Amy for the photo opportunity tip or I would have never found this place.


SRQ said...

Wow! That definitely is a Griswold house. If the roof is lacking lights, I suspect they just haven't put them up yet. Nice find.

Sharon said...

Amazing. And, I'm struggling to find time to put up the tree.

Gunn said...

Thanks for sharing, that is just a fantastic house, and the most decorated house I have ever seen.