August 5, 2006

If The Vines Had Legs

Well, in this photo, the vines are creeping up the side of the brickwork and it makes for a great looking photo to me. The old advertising has faded away over the years, I see several different ads that have been painted onto the face of the brick. One of the ads is for Coke Cola and another for a beer, I believe Pilsner Beer from what I can see. The rest will be a mystery. What strikes me the most is the top most left portion of the building, does that look like a tulip up there or something with a large yellow flower. The detail is hard to tell from this distance, but I never noticed it until I looked at the photo closer later, than when I took it in person. Someone has a flower garden high atop this vintage looking brick building.


Annie said...

I wonder if the vines keep things insulated. Haven't you had a heat wave this summer?

The penthouse flowergarden might be a fun spot, as long as the gardener didn't have to get too close to the edge of the building. There's no rail. Yikes!

John said...

Nature always wins!