August 3, 2006

The Latest In Weather Technology

So I'm sitting at the stop light downtown St Paul on Kellogg and I'm not sure of the cross street, I look to my left and I see this art/sculpture/wind detector/weather vain thingie. I have no idea what this is, I snapped a quick photo before the light turned green. What it is, who made it or why on earth it is even there in that spot, not to mention, how long has it been there and why have I never noticed this before. Too many questions, no information to give you, and no answers to my questions. Take this as a strange write up of a photo I have no clue what it is.

Really I couldn't just leave this blank, I had to write something about this mysterious item.


Kate said...

Slinger, Check Kate-musings for Saturday, June 24. During the summer I go to the Farmer's Mkt on week-ends, whenever I can but no-one seems to know the history of this interesting object. My, you are fast with the trigger finger (or should I say, shutter finger)!!

Steve Cuddihy said...

I actually saw your photos of the same art project when I was looking at the other State Fair photos you mentioned about. I laughed because you had about as much info as I had on why it is there.

I actually have another photo of the mural you posted on the 31st that I took the same day as my Aug 2 photo which was from a couple weekends ago. I'll post that one much later down the road.